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We are pioneers in Skill Development; our skilling programs serve to empower the youth with relevant skill sets that improve their prospects of employment in technical skill sectors. While we train youth to be job ready, our skilling programs also focus on cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset enabling them to start their own small, self-run enterprise. Our goal is to improve the lifestyle sustenance of the youth, whether in engaged employment or a self-run endeavour.

We offer training, guidance, and support for all traditional types of skilled occupations like weavers, welders, beauticians, fisheries, agriculture, security, as well as soft skill training. Furthermore, we design customised need-based programs for specific age groups in a range of topics like communication, positive thinking skills, language skills, behavioural skills, management skills, etc.

Our training programs are designed and delivered to ensure an immersive learning experience that upskills our learners with technical expertise as well as develops the confidence, demeanour and communication ability to perform their job functions with dexterity and finesse.

 93+   Skilling projects conducted in West Bengal

 1L  People benefitted as employable entrepreneurs


Our mission is to provide market-relevant skills training to more than 6 lakh young people in the country and improve the employability and productivity levels of the workforce to contribute to the economic development of the nation.

Our Objectives

  • To create opportunities and space for developing skills and competencies of Indian youth
  • To develop existing sectors and address the skill development requirements of new emerging sectors
  • To close the gap between skills required by the industry and the skill of the workforce available
  • To increase the competitiveness of Indian businesses by improving the quality of output delivered by our skilled workforce
  • To build a strong, synergistic public-private partnership in skill development

We ensure that skill training imparted is relevant with the high-quality assurance of the content and delivery mechanism. We constantly upgrade our training programs to incorporate emerging trends in the industry and address real-time challenges.

We focus on building actual competencies rather than giving people mere qualifications, thus offering opportunities for lifelong learning and augmenting better and active engagement of social partners.

  6.4L    Students impacted in collaboration with IBM

Join us in our pursuit of helping the nation reach its full potential.

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